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If you have a Michigan business that caters to other businesses, then you know that these days, not having a B2B website is a marketing blunder. More people use the Internet than any other media to find products, services and companies in Michigan, and abroad, and if you’re not online, you’re not in the game!
If you haven’t already consulted a B2B web development company about developing an online marketing plan, then you’re probably wondering how you can make online marketing work for you.
Here are ten simple B2B web design tips that can help you to improve your online presence right now:

1. Keep it simple
When it comes to navigation, layout and design, there are a few unwritten rules you don’t want to break. Make your content easy to find, or your visitors might get frustrated, and look elsewhere. Those looking for B2B info, generally speaking, have short attention spans.

2. Use information marketing
Marketing and advertising guru Seth Godin says that information marketing is the only marketing left, so use information to boost your credibility, keep customers on your site, and create a reputation as an expert in your business arena.

3. Quality B2B content
Make sure that your content is always high quality. Avoid common mistakes like keyword stuffing, and try to put yourself in your visitor’s shoes – what would you want to read if you visited a site like yours?

4. Blogging
Use a blog to add less formal, yet still valuable content and news about your industry, your products and services, and any other relevant information.

5. Compelling offers
Add downloadable content – create a resource center. Whether it’s a white paper, an eBook or a tool, adding interesting content to your site can bring in visitors.

6. Encourage collaboration
Consider an interactive platform, like a forum or chat area. Sites that are all text, and all static, are unlikely to bring you repeat visitors!

7. Form and function
Think about form AND function when you design. You want your site to look good, but also perform well. Make sure that you check for broken links, pages that don’t load properly, and other problems whenever you update your site.

8. Keep content fresh
Make it a rule to upload new content regularly. Not only will it improve your search engine rankings, but also bring visitors back, to view your new content.

9. Social media integration
Link your social network profiles to your site. Social networks can be a big boost to your marketing, and they can help you to build an online marketing network.

10. Competitive analysis
Look at your competitors sites. Look at other great sites out there. What do you love? What do you hate? Borrow the best ideas, and make them your own, and avoid the mistakes!
Marketing Takeaway
A B2B web development agency can help you to improve your website, but you don’t always need a B2B web development agency to make a great start. All business owners can have great sites, if they focus on giving visitors what they want – information, and an element of interactivity.
Every B2B web development agency out there will tell you that there’s a big difference between a brochure, and a great website. Remember that, and make sure that you use the tools and resources that the online medium offers to build a truly great site. You’ll be glad you did!

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Odyssey Electronics – Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Odyssey Electronics
We recently completed a project for Odyssey Electronics – A circuit board assembly & manufacturing company. Odyssey Electronics has been a great client for a very long time and this is their updated website. Here is some info about the company from Odyssey Electronics.

Incorporated in 1989, Odyssey Electronics Inc. is located in Livonia, Michigan. We have two locations manufacturing Printed Circuit Board Assemblies and Turn-Key products. Between the two locations, we have over 26,000 square feet. Over 18,000 square feet of that is dedicated to manufacturing. The first location is setup to build runs of 5 – 20,000 pieces per year. The second location is setup to run high volume production.

ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ITAR registered, we are focused on building quality assemblies. Odyssey Electronics is always working to improve our processes. Our customers deserve the best.

We truly appreciate the trust that the folks at Odyssey Electronics had in us to develop their latest website. Check out the Odyssey Electronics website by clicking here.

Google / Twitter Contract & SEO For Manufacturers

Good News For Manufacturing  (or any other) Companies Looking To Increase Their SEO!

Google Twitter Contract

Twitter and Google have reached an agreement to make Twitter updates more searchable to Google’s search engine.

From Bloomberg Business

Coming soon in 2015, tweets will start to be visible in Google’s search results as soon as they’re posted, thanks to a deal giving the Web company access to Twitter’s firehose, the stream of data generated by the microblogging service’s 284 million users, people with knowledge of the matter said Wednesday. Google previously had to crawl Twitter’s site for the information, which will now be visible automatically.

Mutually Beneficial
The deal means “more opportunities for Twitter to convert, and possibly monetize, logged-out users,” he said. It will also increase the frequency that people with Twitter accounts check the site.
“For Google, we believe search results will be enhanced by access to real-time tweets and a much broader amount of content”.

How Does The Google / Twitter Deal Help Your Manufacturing Website’s SEO?

To put it simply, Twitter will be opening it’s doors to Google and allowing them to index Twitter’s tweets. This means (in a roundabout way) that Twitter’s 140 allowed characters may be counted as pseudo content for greater SEO. Since Google looks at popularity and relevance as indicators for search engine placement, the more a company tweets and gets retweeted, the better the chance of it leading to SEO “credit” and more traffic to your site.

So, does This Mean That If I Just Keep Posting Tweets It Will Help My SEO?

Sort answer: No

Long answer: Yes, if the tweets are seen as high value. What’s considered high value? Google in every part of its complicated algorithm is looking for quality indicators. In other words, they want to promote content that they feel is relevant and useful to a searcher. With this information in mind, you will need to write tweets that people are interested in and want to share. Posting tweets just for the sake of posting tweets will waste your time and do you no good. Just like a good website, the information will need to be compelling enough for people to spread it around.

Google and Twitter will start this agreement in the first half of this year, so now may be a good time to put your strategy in place.

Sidenote: Google and Facebook have no such agreement, so don’t plan on a Facebook strategy to be nearly as effective.