#1 Steel Fabricator – J & J Burning and Fabricating

J & J Burning and FabricatingWe would like to thank J & J Burning and fabricating for trusting us with their website re-design. J & J’s new site follows responsive design architecture that allows the site to properly display on any device.

J & J Burning and Fabricating is truly the #1 steel fabricator in the United States, offering custom structural steel fabrications. J & J also offers stainless steel fabrication as well as production steel burning. Make sure you check out their new steel fabricator website!

About J & J, the #1 steel fabricator in the U.S.

J & J Burning and Fabricating has been in business for over 55 years and is one of the largest steel fabricators in the industry. This family owned and operated company was established in 1958 starting with 3 employees in a 4000 square foot building. Still thriving at our original location, we have undergone six expansions, growing to 65,000 square feet of well equipped manufacturing space.

The original family that started J & J is still operating the company today and is still committed to conducting business with the integrity and quality workmanship that has helped us persevere for over half a century.

The guiding principle for every employee has always been, “Is there a better way to do this? Don’t be satisfied with the status quo and don’t resist change.” Following that rule has allowed J & J to manufacture the best products for our customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Google’s Rollout of Panda 4.0 & The Effect On Manufacturing Site SEO

Google’s Matt Cutts officially announced the roll-out of the Panda 4.0 update to Google’s algorithm on May 20, 2014.

Panda 4.0If you follow this blog, you understand how significant this can be. If you don’t follow this blog and are wondering “what the heck is Panda”, this should fill you in.

What Is The Google Panda Update?

Google’s Panda Update is a filter introduced in February 2011 meant to stop sites with poor quality content from working their way into Google’s top search results. Panda is updated from time-to-time. When this happens, sites previously hit may escape, if they’ve made the right changes. Panda may also catch sites that escaped before. A refresh also means “false positives” might get released.

Google’s Panda updates have been rolling out over the years sometimes little by little and sometimes with a big smack in the face. Whenever this type of an announcement pops up, SEOs like me run to their analytics to see what kind of an impact this will have on our clients. We monitor our client’s sites closely as the effects usually roll-out over several days and not all at once.

We are proud to announce that none of our manufacturing SEO clients were negatively affected by the Panda 4.0 roll-out and a few of our clients actually experienced a bump in ranking and traffic. This helps us realize that our SEO strategies are extremely sound and do not put our clients web presence at great risk.

Manufacturing website SEO can be a very tricky market to deal in as several pitfalls of poor SEO tactics can have an extremely large negative impact on manufacturing clients and cost them thousands of dollars in revenue each week. By offering only the most sound and proven strategy developed over more than a decade, and coupling that strategy with the guidance of Google staff, can Propel Pages deliver the highest results year after year. Contact us for a FREE SEO Quote Today!

SEO Instead of Sales

Using SEO And A Killer Website Instead of The Conventional Sales Channels

The other day I received a phone call and this is how it went.

sales depratment
Me: Propel Pages, this is Mike. How can I help you?

Caller: Can I speak to someone in sales?

Me: We don’t have a sales department.

Caller: You don’t have a sales department? How do you sell anything?

Me: How did you find out about us?

Caller: I did a search, went to your website and saw you did what we are looking for, and then called your number.

Me: How can I help you?

Caller: Ah, I get it.

The old line is still true; People love to buy, but hate to be sold. Invest in your online presence and you’ll be amazed at the results. With an optimized website that generates leads and a solid SEO strategy, you shouldn’t need to be so salesy.