WRIF Radio and their bad web decision.

radioThose in Detroit are familiar with WRIF. It’s the last standing current rock station in the city. WRIF has launched their new website and are now advertising the event on their radio station. Why not, I would too. Half of the commercial states that the new WRIF website will not work on the Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) web browser. Hmm. Makes me wonder if anyone over there at WRIF really thought that through?
When you go to WRIF.com while using IE6 you’ll see a banner that states, “WRIF.com has phased-out support for this browser”. Where’s the love? Recent browser usage statistics show that 13%-48% of internet users are currently using IE6 (source:browser news).  This website over the last 30 days has 21% of it’s visitors using IE6, which is fairly high for a tech slanted type of website.  If you had a business, would you take the risk of 48% of your visitors not being able to use your website?

Internet Explorer 6 IS horrible

Most people in the web design business know that IE6 is a horrible browser compared to current versions of FireFox (my personal fav), Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer 8. IE6 is buggy and causes real design issues for some designers. The really good designers know how to get around these issues. To give up on those users with IE6 is a cop-out. In my opinion, it’s pure laziness. I want everyone to leave that browser too, but I’d never force anyone to upgrade browsers in order to use my, or any of my client’s websites. If I told you in order to shop at my store you must wear a blue shirt, would you go home and change? Many people don’t have a choice. Those in large companies with I.T. Departments can’t just upgrade their browsers due to security risks. Guess what WRIF, you just dumped on a whole bunch of large company employees that were streaming your morning show.

Now go upgrade your browser if you can. If you can’t, that’s okay. We still like you and we’ll never force you to do anything you don’t want to.

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