stand out in a crowdWhy do you do what you do?  Do you do it because everyone else does it?  Do you do it because it’s always been done that way?  Neither of these reasons are good enough to continue doing it.  Did you build your company website, or even your entire company the same way your competitors did just because they did it that way?  Is that a good enough reason?  Do you want to be just like your competitors?  How does doing things the same as your competition get you ahead?  It doesn’t, but you already knew that.  Perhaps it’s the “It works for them, so it will work for us” mentality. This is the safe way.  Being safe will never get you ahead.  Don’t be afraid to fail.  Only through failure come advances.  Just ask Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers and the like.

In the new year…

Look for different ways to do things.  People talk about different.  Who talks about McDonalds?  Only when they mess up your order.  Don’t just do something better than your competition, do it radically different.  Do something that people will talk about.  Even if you risk failing.  Do something the play it safe guys would never attempt. Don’t do it bigger, do it much bigger.  Don’t do it quicker, do it insanely fast.  If you can’t do it radically different, don’t bother.  Find something else to be different at.

Here’s to great New Year full of failures…and successes.

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