Domino’s Pizza did it. Will you?

Domino's pizza turn-aroundHave you seen the recent Domino’s Pizza commercials?  If so, you’ve noticed that the Ann Arbor, Michigan based company has flipped over.  Flipped over?  Yep.  They’ve not only changed their entire pizza recipe, but that have a new boss.  The new boss is you and me, and every past Domino’s Pizza customer.  See the transformation here at  The company is not being run from the top down, but from the bottom up. Our voices have been heard.

Domino’s pizza wasn’t that good.

I’ve never thought it was that good.  But why were they so successful?  They were fast.  Delivered in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed.  That was a game changer.  It changed the entire pizza business.  Other pizza chains were soon to follow.  Pretty soon the fast delivery wasn’t such a big deal.  Domino’s also sponsored a contest with it’s franchisees to find the fastest pizza maker in the chain.  Big Mistake.  If you’ve ever seen one of these competitions, you would have seen dough, sauce, cheese, and peperoni thrown around without much care.  It showed no passion, no love for the product.  It did get Domino’s some press.  I wouldn’t have stood in line to eat any of those pizzas for free, let alone pay for one.  What kind of message was being given to the customer?  We are fast.  Not we are good, or we care about pizza, or we care about you.

Domino’s had to listen or become a casualty of their own ignorance.  The ignorance of thinking they know better then what the people know they want.  Hmmm…sounds like government.  Let’s save that for another day.  For Domino’s to continue along the same path would have been safe to some.  I’m sure there was some opposition within the company and franchisees to making such a radical change.  Doing the same thing over and over is always easier.  In this case it was not safer, and I think following this path may have put the company out of business.  It turns out the “risky” move may end up being the move that saves the company.

Great Job Domino’s!

I have so much faith in Domino’s move that I’ve purchased some of their stock this morning.  For most of the last 3 years Domino’s stock has been sinking.  I think now may be a good time to buy.  If they keep listening to the customers how can they lose?  This has been something I have been talking about for months on this blog.  If you give the people what they want, how can they complain?

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