Old Halloween Photos – Creepy Costumes

Looking through old Halloween costume photos, I think it used to be way creepier than it is now.  Some of these costumes are just scary.

scary haloween mosquito

This looks like a mosquito. Pretty creepy. Proof that no one ever liked mosquitoes.

1911 Halloween photo

This photo is reported to be from 1911.  I think they’re supposed to be slo-pokes.

old costumes

This is an old one. I think the girl has cabbage in her basket.  One reason to trick.

old halloween costumes

Now I know where John Wayne Gacy got his clown idea.


The guy on the right needs some Spanx.

halloween kids 14

Those boys need to lose the tights if they’re going to make it through the night.

scary costume

Not sure what this is, but it’s creepy.

Old School Halloween 1

Not too creepy unless that’s his mask he’s holding.

Old School Halloween 8

Brother and sister with an eerie resemblance.

old halloween ghost pictures

A ghost aspiring to be just that.

Headless picture

A costume that required a lot of cooperation.

old halloween ghost pictures

Great masks. I guess that year was all about clowns and asians.

cast of halloween characters

Either a school picture or party with a demented Howdy Doody looking fellow in front.


I think I had the panda costume. I like how they put the picture on the front just in case the mask doesn’t give it away.

Here are some additional old Halloween costume photos that I’ve run across.

old halloween costume picture

old halloween costume picture

old halloween costume picture

old halloween costume picture

old halloween costume picture

old halloween costume picture

Here are some old Halloween Myths.

  • Black cats are a sign of bad luck – still unfounded
  • If an unmarried girl keeps a rosemary herb and a silver sixpence under her pillow on Halloween night, it is quite likely that on that very night, she will dream of her future husband.
  • If you hear someone’s footsteps behind you on Halloween night, don’t turn around, because it’s the dead that are following you. If you make the mistake of turning around, you may very well end up dead soon
  • Around Halloween time, if an unmarried girl carries a broken egg in a glass and takes it to a spring of water, she will be able to catch the glimpse of her future husband; if she mixes some spring water in the glass, she will also see the reflection of her future kids
  • If no one speaks at the table during Halloween dinner, the spirits will be encouraged to come to the table

Everyone have a Happy & Safe Halloween.

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  1. Alicia

    I really enjoyed these photos…. makes me wonder what kind of treats they received back then. I am doubting that prepackage candies were as affordable and accessible as they are now. Happy Halloween!

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