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Mobile Visit Data To Industrial Websites

Mobile Visits To Industrial Sites Increase By 400%

…Is Your Website Optimized For The Mobile World?

Here Are The Industrial Mobile Data Facts:

First we’ll start off with the devices used to visit Industrial websites. As we can see from the chart below; Apple’s iPad & iPhone devices hold 57% of all mobile visits. This is fairly consistent to Apple’s visit share as it relates to non-industrial website traffic. Google’s Android OS devices have 43% of visit share. Android is the operating system on many different devices including phones and tablets.

Industrial Website Device Usage

What does this tell us? This tells us we need to make sure we check our websites on many different devices. Some companies just cross check sites on Apple devices; not a good idea. At 43% of mobile visitor share, don’t discount Android and how your site operates on those devices that use it.

Industrial Mobile Traffic VS Industrial Non-Mobile Traffic

Next we’ll examine some averages for industrial mobile traffic as it compares to “normal” non-mobile traffic and see what conclusions we can draw from it.

Non-Mobile Visit Averages
Page Views Time On Site % of New Visits
3.35 2:21 79.45%
Mobile Visit Averages
Page Views Time On Site % of New Visits
2.47 1:44 85.59%


What conclusions can we draw from this data? We can see that visitors have more page views and visitors spend more time on industrial sites when using non-mobile devices. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that navigating on a desktop/laptop is inherently easier and allows for faster browsing. One point I would like to make is that often times industrial clients are under the assumption that most mobile visitors are just looking for a phone number or other quick contact information. Looking at an average of 2.47 page views for mobile visitors would lead me to believe that visitors are looking for much more than just a phone number.

More new visitors coming to industrial sites on mobile devices. What conclusions can we draw from a 6% increase from in new visits from mobile devices? This can be a bit of a grey area, but we may assume that how an industrial website appears on a mobile device may be a new visitors first impression. If this is indeed true, it is even more important to assure that your website is performing optimally on mobile devices.

Michigan Companies – Shop Michigan

It’s important if you live in Michigan that you think of buying Michigan products first. Not only do Michigan companies produce great products, but they also support our local economies and other Michigan businesses along the supply chain. Below is a list of Michigan companies with national exposure that are Michigan based and Michigan owned. If you have other Michigan companies you feel should be added to this list, please submit their information at our contact page and we will consider adding them to the list. Any companies submitted must be based in Michigan and owned by a Michigan company.

Big Chief Sugar/Pioneer Sugar – Sugar Producers
Better Made Potato Chips Inc. – Snack Foods
BD’s Mongolian Barbeque – Restaurants
Biggby Coffee – Coffee Shops
Carhartt – Clothing
Coffee Beanery – Coffee Shops
Dark Horse Brewery – Micro Brewery
Domino’s Pizza – Pizza
Fathead – Sports Decals
Faygo – Soda
Heritage Guitars – String Instruments
Hungry Howie’s – Pizza
Howard Miller Clock Company – Clock Maker
Jiffy mix – Baking Mixes
Kellogg Company – Cereals & other foods
Koegel Meat Company – Meats
La-Z-Boy – Furniture
Little Caesars – Pizza
Meijer – Store Chain
Moosejaw – Outdoor Clothing & Products
National Coney Island – Restaurants
New Holland Brewing Company – Micro Brewery
Propel Pages – Internet Marketing
Tiara Yachts – Boat Builder
Whirlpool Corporation – Appliances