Manufacturing Website Design

We know what you want and expect from your manufacturing company website.

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You want to:

  • Reach your target customer
  • Have top performance in the search engines
  • Be easy for manufacturing buyers to use
  • Give customers the information they want
  • Gather customer information and generate RFQs

Manufacturing Company Website Design

We can custom build you a website for your manufacturing business that will be head and shoulder above your competition. We specialize in making small ng companies look big and attracting industrial buyers that may otherwise skip over you.

Manufacturing Website Design

Manufacturing Online Catalogs

We have built catalogs for manufacturing clients that allow users to find or build individual products, view CAD drawings, and send RFQs. This cuts staff hours on the phone helping customers, and increases their time taking orders.

manufacturing online catalogs

Manufacturing E-Commerce Websites

We have built e-commerce stores for manufacturing clients that have increased their yearly sales by several 100,000's to 1,000,000's of dollars per year. Imagine selling your products online and watching the sales come in while you sleep.

manufacturing e-commerce websites

How Do We Guarantee The Success of Our Manufacturing & Industrial Clients?
We use our C.A.U.S.E website development methodology.

What is C.A.U.S.E.?

Cross browser compliance
Cross-browser compliance
Cross-browser compliant websites work for just about everyone. You never know if someone will be viewing your website on a PC or a Mac, or even on a phone. We work hard to make sure no matter what people use to visit your site, they'll be able to use your site normally.
Is your website built using "frames"? How about "Flash™"? If you can answer yes to either of these questions, your website may not be viewable to those clients that may be your most profitable.
Once you get visitors to your website, can they use it? Is the information that potential customers need easy to find? I bet you don't try to confuse people intentionally. Your website may be doing just that.
Search Engine Optimization
If your website can't be found, it doesn't exist. Websites can be designed to give you the best chance at coming up well in the search engines. It may be a bit tougher to build it that way, but your business may depend on it.
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