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If you can't be found...You Don't exist.

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The discussion of a manufacturing website's search engine optimization (SEO) is like a discussion on politics or religion: there are more than two sides, and all sides are strongly opinionated. Most search engine optimization firms understand the Search Engines however not all practice safe-SEO. Those firms that don't follow the rules can get you banned from search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. Not a good thing.

"You Say You're Good...Prove It!"

Okay, we will! Here are some live examples of our manufacturing company SEO efforts.

Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet (Jay-Cee web properties:,,, & Our goal was to have as many of the rivet and fastener products come up before their competitors as we could. So far we have achieved this with over 50 of their products. Here's a few:

Inter-Lakes Bases: Our goal was to have Inter-lakes Bases do well for their core products of machine bases and dial plates. I'd say this was accomplished.

Invertech, Inc: This is a small manufacturing company with one main product. We had to make sure they were at the top for their most important item. Mission accomplished.

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