Effective Manufacturing Website Design Tips

Since I’ve built countless successful websites for manufacturing and industrial companies I thought a good guideline may come in handy for those looking into building an effective manufacturing website design. Let me clarify just what a manufacturing website is. A manufacturing website is typically a business to business website that offers information on products and services that pertain to manufacturing. These websites don’t typically have e-commerce functionality due to the fact that most products are one-off custom made type products. The main purpose of the manufacturing website (not unlike most other websites) is to generate leads for the sales department.

So here’s the list:

  1. Identify your target audience. You’re probably catering to engineers or buyers and they each need different information. The engineer needs numbers like ranges and parameters to see if your offering is a good fit for their need. This may mean some tabelature data. Boring, unless you’re and engineer. Engineers typically have a good level of knowledge to your product or service, so you don’t need much deep explaining. Let’s say the history of stainless steel would not be necessary for an engineer looking for a manufacturer of stainless steel fasteners.
  2. Keep the flash and similar down to a minimum. Not many people are coming to an industrial metal fabrication website to be entertained. They usually have a job to do and they want to finish it as quickly as possible. Watching your movie on the history of your company is probably no on the top of their list.
  3. Make it easy for them to get in touch with you. Too often I’ve seen websites with no visible or easy to find contact information. You never know where a user will be in the site when you hit their hot button. Put contact info (at least a phone number) on every page.
  4. Use both technical and industry specific slang terms in your text. This is for search engine purposes. If you call one of your products a brass wobble washer but people in the business typically refer to it as a doo-hickey you need those words on the site. Cover all your bases the best you can when it comes to naming your products or services.

These are 4 of the many tips to creating an effective manufacturing website design.  We would be happy to discuss the other tips with you in person, via email, or post a comment.

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