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DIY tips for the budding web designer that wants to try the do it yourself SEO route.

Do It Yourself SEO – New Series


We are starting a series called “Do It Yourself SEO”. Within this series of posts we will discuss SEO tactics that those of the DIY crowd can try on their own before they decide to dole out the big bucks for a wiley SEO veteran, like myself.  We will do our best to describe the steps in easy to understand terms.

What To Do Before You Start Your DIY SEO.

#1 Install Google Analytics Tracking Code.

Of course we’ll need a way to track how well your DIY SEO campaign is working. It’s really hard to gauge your progress without hard evidence. Here is what I suggest; Google’s Analytics program is extremely robust and gathers more information than you’ll probably need, but the best part is that it’s FREE. Yep, free stuff. So, what are the steps to setting up your very own analytics account? See below for the instructions directly from Google.

Step 1: Sign up for an account.

Visit to sign up for a new account. Click the Access Google Analytics button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 2: Set up account properties.

Google Analytics is flexible and can support different account configurations, but your setup affects how data appears in your reports. To help plan your setup, consult the articles in the overview of accounts, users, properties, and views.

If you’re setting up Google Analytics to track an app, consult the best practices for mobile-app analytics setup.

Step 3: Set up your tracking code.

Include the Analytics tracking ID and code in your website or mobile app in order to collect and send usage data to your Analytics account. You can track multiple properties in the same account, but every property must be set up individually. Follow different processes to set up web tracking and to set up mobile app tracking.

Once all of these steps are completed, you’re ready to start gathering data.

Now What?

Now we just wait. Why? We have to get some benchmark data to find out where you’re at before you make changes. My rule of thumb is 60-90 days as this will give us a better picture of traffic patterns for your particular industry. You’ll be able to see if particular days and times are better for traffic or if you are getting traffic from particular areas of the globe. All of these things matter and will allow you to hone your campaign to more narrow sectors.

That’s it for now! In the mean time you can get some great SEO info from our other blog posts. Keep checking back for our next installment of Do It Yourself SEO!