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3G iPhone – truely mobile web

I waited for 6 months for the announcement of the 3G iPhone release.  It wasn’t easy.  I had no idea that it would be more than worth the wait.  It’s truely a mobile web for me now.  I’m a web designer for my real job and see the true merit in the internet.  The internet was designed for one reason and that was the exchange of information.  I’m not a myspace or facebook person and nut much of a youtube person, at least not like my kids are.  I love the web for the technical information, news, business information, etc.  I love the meat and potatoes web, not the entertainment web.  My iPhone has opened this world up for me even more.

What has happened since I’ve got my iPhone is this; less laptop time and more phone time.  I use my laptop about 10% of the time and my phone 90%, instead of the 100% laptop time previous.  My iPhone is much quicker and easier to access has no boot up time and crashes less.  The navigating sites can be trickier, but the mobility more than makes up for it.

Most websites still have a way a way to go in recognizing and functioning on the mobile web.  It’s something I’ve been focused on for years, long before the iPhone.  The issues with websites on the mobile web will increase my business and the business of those that understand the importance and hopefully thin the herd of web designers out there.

Keep checking back for more updates on my iPhone experiences.