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Best Manufacturing Website Designs 2016 Michigan Edition

best manufacturing website designs 2016 MichiganSo what makes a great manufacturing website? Here are the criteria.

1. Strong and clear message
Your manufacturing website design is your best chance to make a lasting impression to your customers. What is the first thing visitors see when they come to your website? Do they understand your site’s purpose? In order to have a successful and engaging website, it should have a simple and clear message that all visitors can understand. The best way to communicate your website’s purpose is through a clear message on your homepage. This will also help search engines categorize your website for appropriate keywords and phrases. If you are building your website with Yola, you may want to review this article. Think about what your website does or what you want it to do. What products or services do you offer? Then, on your homepage clearly display that message in your content. Many websites online fail to communicate the essence of their website to customers on their homepage and, thereby, lose valuable leads and sales. Your website is often a potential customer’s first impression of your business. Make it count.
2. Easy navigation
Another important feature of a good manufacturing website is navigation. Many website owners fail to include well-structured pages or clear navigation tabs that lead visitors to relevant sections of their website. Organize the information on your website in a simple and structured way. Think of the general path you would like a site visitor to take. In many cases, adding sub-pages to the top navigation will be the best option for organizing your information into specific categories. Think through your web pages’ structure so that it all makes sense in a logical flow. That way, when customers visit your website, they will have an easier time navigating to the information on your website that is most relevant to them.
3. Content and more content
The main function of your manufacturing website is to convey relevant content to your visitors and help them understand the problems that your products and/or services solve. Your content is the single most important element in increasing customers. Make sure that the content you add to your site is displayed in a simple and clear manner. Use clear and error-free language that will encourage your visitors to dig deeper for more information about your business. You’ll want to include keywords that relevant to your business and industry in your page titles, meta tags, headings and in your website’s content so that your potential customers can find your business online. This tactic is called search engine optimization (SEO).

Below is a list of the best manufacturing web designs – 2016 Michigan Edition.

If you see a site that gives you inspiration for your own website, please let us know. If you’d like help in the design of your own website, feel free to contact us by clicking on this link. You may just make the list of the best manufacturing website designs in Michigan of 2017.

Best Manufacturing Website Design – Livonia, MI

Odyssey Electronics

Best Manufacturing Website Design – Roseville, MI

Wolverine Bronze

Best Manufacturing Website Design – Royal Oak, MI

HGM II Cutting Tools

Best Manufacturing Website Design – Shelby Twp, MI

VanLoon Industries

Best Manufacturing Website Design – Farmington, MI

Rivets In Stock

Best Manufacturing Website Design – Romulus, MI

Michigan Wine Barrels

Best Manufacturing Website Design – Brighton, MI

Fortech Products

Best Manufacturing Website Design – Fraser, MI

Flame Spray Coating Company

Best Manufacturing Website Design – Warren, MI

J&J Burning and Fabricating

Best Manufacturing Website Design – Saline, MI


Best Manufacturing Website Design – Fenton, MI

McDunnough Plastic Michigan Recycler

Best Manufacturing Website Design – Centerline, MI

AA Tanks

Best Manufacturing Website Design – Fraser, MI

Inter-Lakes Bases

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