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Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger

Think about helping others with your kill this hunting season.

This article is reprinted from the Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources website.

Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger

The Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger (MSAH) program is a way for sportsmen to share a part of their harvest this fall.

Since 1991, MSAH has been working to create linkages between donors, wild game processors, and charities that feed needy individuals. MSAH is an all volunteer organization with no paid staff persons and is operated entirely by sportsmen and women concern about making a positive difference in the community. Together, they have assembled a network of processors and charities to help channel wild game donations into the hands of those in need.

The program is sponsored by Safari Club International, Michigan United Conservation Clubs, Ted Nugent World Bowhunters, Michigan Bow Hunters Association, the United Methodist Mans Club, Food Bank Council of Michigan, and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Here’s how the program works:

  • A hunter who wants to donate venison, wild boar, wild turkey, or any other big game meat should take it to the nearest Sportsmen Against Hunger drop off station for processing. If the meat is already packaged, it can be dropped off at these stations. NOTE: To comply with state and federal game laws, do not divide the game before processing. If you keep some portion of the processed meat or animal, keep your kill tag with it.
  • Let the processor know how much meat you would like to donate and they’ll set it aside for pick-up by a volunteer who will distribute the meat to local charitable organizations. Processing costs are the responsibility of the donor.
  • If there is no drop-off station near you, contact your nearest charitable organizations and deliver the processed donation yourself. Please let us know what kind and how much meat you delivered so we can add it to our totals.
  • If you don’t hunt, you can still help. Cash donations to Sportsmen Against Hunger help pay for transportation, processing and promotion. Canned foods and domestic meats will also be accepted.
  • Contact your local DNR, sheriff, state trooper, or police department and make them aware that you’re willing to retrieve road-killed animals, have them processed, and take the meat to the food bank or local soup kitchen.

For an updated list of drop off stations call the Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger Hotline: (313) 278-FOOD or visit their web site: www.sportsmenagainsthunger.org.

Cash donations can be sent to:

Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger
P.O. Box 30235
Lansing, MI 48909

You may also e-mail or call if you have further questions:

(810) 239-4441