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Happy Meal Marketing

I’ve always found different marketing approaches facinating.  One I’ve always thought was a genious approach is what I call “Happy Meal Marketing”.  As a side note, all of the information is based on observation and opinion.  I don’t even know if this is intentional but I’ve got an inkling it is.  I also have no objection with McDonalds and think they are a great company and an example of American enterprise.

Years ago I noticed McDonalds had an awful lot of commercials not about their food but what the new theme (and toy) was going to be for their latest Happy Meals.  Multi-national companies like McDonalds don’t need to advertise what they sell so much as to do image advertising and new product launches.  Everyone knows that McDonalds sells hamburgers and they typically only advertise new food products.  When’s the last time you saw a commercial for the Big Mac?  McDonalds doesn’t want to sell adults, they want our children’s attention.  This is a great two-fold approach.

Object 1

Kids love toys.  Kids love any toys, even cheap little ones made in China that are thrown in a box of food.  When we go for fast food who steers the ship?…the kids.  They want to go to McDonalds to get this toy or that toy.  They are the decision makers when it comes to whether we choose McDonalds, Burger King, or Wendys.  The food is not important as long as it’s edible.

Object 2

Build memories.  People love nostalgia.  What peanut butter do you buy, probably the one you ate as a kid.  What fast food do you eat?  There is a pattern here.  Some years ago I saw a study about what brands of products people buy in a grocery store, and most people bought what they had in their house when they were kids.  Our children are being programmed to be McDonalds customers.  Genious.  I buy my kids Legos, I had Legos.  I buy my kids Lincoln Logs, I had Lincoln Logs.  I bet my parents had these things too.  How to sell your products for a long time 101; build history and build trust.