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Google SEO Changes | Entering Year 5

Organic Keywords No Longer Reported by Google & Other Important SEO Information

5 yr SEO business Google
We are entering into our 5th year delivering information on industrial and manufacturing SEO and web design. There have been many changes to how Google views sites and overall SEO performance. We have stayed very much on top of these Google changes and would like to take this opportunity to list some of Google’s biggest updates so far this year.

Google Analytics showing increases in “(not provided)” for organic keyword referrals

Google has decided to shut-off all keyword tracking for organic referrals. This means that as time goes on, we will no longer be able to see what keywords were used to get to your site from Google’s organic search (“not provided” shown in Analytics). The prediction is that by mid-November not-provided may be at 100%. Why this change? Google was accused of giving the National Security Agency access to its search data back in June, so many industry insiders believe that this is in reaction to the fallout created from this action. Google has publicly said that removing this data will increase user security.

What does all of this mean?

This means that since site owners will no longer be able to use this data from Google, they will have to rely on evaluating a more broad approach of page trending. Site owners will also have to rely on tools in addition to Google Analytics.  However, Bing/Yahoo will continue to offer this keyword information, so this may offer a bit of data.

Google SEO Changes & Updates

(below list provided by Moz.com. If you’d like some greater detailed information, please visit their site or contact us. PropelPages is proud to be a Moz Pro.)

Panda #24 — January 22, 2013

Google announced its first official update of 2013, claiming 1.2% of queries affected. Read more. It really gets interesting now

Website mobility is paramount for anyone looking to perform well with Google.

Website mobility is paramount for anyone looking to perform well with Google.

Is Your Website Mobile Firendly? Google Penalties Coming If Not!
Is Your Website Mobile Firendly? Google Penalties Coming If Not! – Industrial & Manufacturing Web Design and SEO – Detroit area, Michigan.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? Google Penalties Coming If Not!

How To Protect Yourself From Google Penalties Now!

Google mobile penalty

Google is planning to roll out penalties for sites that are not user friendly on mobile devices. With the rapidly growing number of mobile searches taking place, those of us in the SEO biz have been waiting for this type of action. Google (along with Propel Pages, as well) have been pushing one website for all devices design standards for years. Many inbound marketing (web design, SEO, etc.) companies have pushed their clients toward a separate mobile site. Most of the time these mobile sites offer a dumbed down version of the full site. We have never thought this was a good idea, and Google will now penalize many of the folks that do this.

Flash Animations & Un-Playable Video Will Be Penalized!

If you have Flash animation or video that is not compatible with mobile devices, you will be penalized. Most current mobile devices do not play Flash animations, so it’s important …KEEP READING