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Domino’s Pizza did it. Will you?

Domino's pizza turn-aroundHave you seen the recent Domino’s Pizza commercials?  If so, you’ve noticed that the Ann Arbor, Michigan based company has flipped over.  Flipped over?  Yep.  They’ve not only changed their entire pizza recipe, but that have a new boss.  The new boss is you and me, and every past Domino’s Pizza customer.  Continue reading


stand out in a crowdWhy do you do what you do?  Do you do it because everyone else does it?  Do you do it because it’s always been done that way?  Neither of these reasons are good enough to continue doing it.  Did you build your company website, or even your entire company the same way your competitors did just because they did it that way?  Is that a good enough reason?  Do you want to be just like your competitors?  How does doing things the same as your competition get you ahead?  Continue reading

WRIF Radio and their bad web decision.

radioThose in Detroit are familiar with WRIF. It’s the last standing current rock station in the city. WRIF has launched their new website and are now advertising the event on their radio station. Why not, I would too. Half of the commercial states that the new WRIF website will not work on the Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) web browser. Hmm. Makes me wonder if anyone over there at WRIF really thought that through?
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