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Google Launches Help Info For Hacked Websites

Google has just launched some great information for those with a hacked website.  If you’ve ever had a website hacked, you understand how horrible the experience can be.  If you have a business website, this hacking my virtually put you out of business until it is corrected.  Once the site is “cleaned” you’ll have to file to get Google to lift the warning from it’s index that your site is dangerous.  Here is some of the information from Google on how to avoid your website getting hacked.  To get the complete info, Click Here to go to Google’s “Webmasters Help For Hacked Sites” website.


How to avoid ever needing Help for hacked sites

Just as you focus on making a site that’s good for users and search-engine friendly, keeping your site secure — for you and your visitors — is also paramount. When site owners fail to keep their site secure, hackers may exploit the vulnerability. If a hacker exploits a vulnerability, then you might need Help for hacked sites. So, to potentially avoid this scenario:

  • Be vigilant about keeping software updated
  • Understand the security practices of all applications, plugins, third-party software, etc., before you install them on your server. A security vulnerability in one software application can affect the safety of your entire site
  • Remove unnecessary or unused software
  • Enforce creation of strong passwords
  • Keep all devices used to log in to your servers secure (updated operating system and browser)
  • Make regular, automated backups of your site

Consider Michigan Products First – Buy Michigan Now

Buy Michigan NowBuy Michigan Now™ was started by Michigan native, Lisa Diggs. The purpose of the Buy Michigan Now campaign is to have people consider buying products and services from Michigan companies. When we spend our dollars at home, we support our neighbors and friends and help our state remain strong. Here is an excerpt from Buy Michigan Now™. Please visit the site and show your support to consider Michigan businesses first.

The idea behind Buy Michigan Now™ is to challenge supporters of the state to factor Michigan into our buying decisions. When possible, buy locally. We do realize that there are some products and services that do not come from Michigan. (Pineapples and mountain-climbing expeditions leap to mind.) That said, an enormous amount of products are grown, manufactured, or distributed by Michigan-based businesses. Thus, when making any purchasing decision, we encourage you to Think Michigan First! If the quality, availability, and price meet with your needs, spend your money within our state.