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Hidden Pitfalls of Content Management Systems

content management systemsI get a lot of questions asked while talking to prospective clients and other web designers on content management systems and which is best.  First, for those unfamiliar with content management systems (CMS); a CMS enables website owners to update their website (in varying degrees) themselves.  The upside in the customer’s view is that it will take less time for changes and also save money if they can do it themselves.

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How To Pick Website Clients. “Got Its” versus “One and Outs”.

boxerPick Clients? Sound funny? If you want to be successful at running a web design business you must pick your clients, not the other way around. If you have a book of clients I’m sure you can look at your best clients and find a common thread. For me these clients “Got It”.
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Find the monkey, where’s Waldo…and your website

Wher's the gorilla?

Where's the gorilla?

There are a series of  TV commercials running in the Detroit market.  The commercials are for a local auto dealer.  They are the typical used car commercials.  A guy in a suit shouting out low payments on his used inventory.  There is one other thing that makes the commercials unique.  There is a person in a gorilla costume that lurks and darts behind the used cars.  The commercials have become a game of “find the monkey”.  Continue reading