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Thermal Spray Coatings

We came across this interesting table showing the different types of thermal spray coatings (flame sprayed coatings) by one of our clients. Had no idea that their thermal coating services were used by so many different industries.

Thermal spray processes used by various industrial segments

Industry Oxy-Fuel  Spray/Fuse  HVOF D-Gun Air Plasma Vac-Plasma Shroud Plasma
Aero gas turbine X X X X X X
Stationary gas turbine X X X X X
Hydro-steam turbine X X X X X X
Automotive engines X X X
Diesel engines X X X
Transportation non-engines X X X
Agriculture implementations X X X
Railroad X X X
Iron and steel manufacture X X X X
Steel rolling mills X X X X
Iron and steel casting X X
Forging X X
Copper and brass mills X
Ship and boat manufacture and repair X
Oil and gas exploration X X X X X
Mining, construction and dredging X X X X
Rock products X X X X
Cement and structural clay X X X
Chemical processing X X X X X
Rubber and plastic manufacture X X X X
Textile X X X X
Food processing X X X X X
Electrical utilities X X
Pulp and paper X X X
Printing equipment X X X
Defense and aerospace X X X X X
Nuclear X X X
Medical X X X X X
Business equipment X X X
Electrical and electronics X X X X
Architectural X X X
Gas manufacture X X X

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