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Getting The Band Back Together???

drumsAs many of you may know, the business here at Propel Pages is getting to the point where some reinforcements are needed. We have all of our clients to thank for our success. I think we feed on each other’s success and help each other grow. I met with some extremely talented people that I used to work with at Miller Media; Eric and John. We had a great discussion of old war stories and of new possibilities. Both Eric and John share my passion for delivering superior web marketing products that deliver exceptional ROI for our clients. I’m glad to have these guys on my side and hope that we’ll be working more and more together as time goes on.

Looking for a new career challenge

Well it’s that time, I’m in the job market.  After 5 great years with Miller Media (based in Troy, Michigan) I’ve decided that I need some new challenges.  When I first started at Miller I was hired as a run-of-the-mill web designer to produce small websites for local manufacturers.  The average price tag was around $1,000.  At that time websites were being offered just as a service with no focus on the web design side of the advertising business.

5 Years Later

Well in 5 years I worked hard to become the Sr. Web Designer and have taken the web development side of the business to being one of the largest industrial/manufacturing website development firms in the Mid-West.  The quality of the websites has gone up not only in terms of artistically but also functionality and especially search engine performance.

Now What?

I’ve done all I can with this company and now feel the need to move on.  I’d like to be able to go to a company with an aggressive vision and real passion for Internet marketing.  I’d also like to have the opportunity to do some public speaking and teaching on the C.A.U.S.E. web design methodology I developed and implemented into the Internet marketing company’s design focus (read more about it here).  I’ll continue to jot down my journey to the next step in my career and If you’re interested in my wares, drop me a line at mike[at]mikestoverweb.com